Free State of San Francisco

Fed up with belligerent bureaucrats in D.C. and Sacramento?

Help us declare independence from all that and create the society of our dreams here in the Free State of San Francisco (FSSF).

FSSF is the representative government in formation for the free city of San Francisco.


FSSF will co-exist with other political and economic systems in a participatory manner by making full use of the tactics available for achieving FSSF principles, including vigorous public debate, voting, running candidates, and sponsoring ballot propositions in elections, direct action and protest, and participating in existing community decisionmaking processes and structures that will assist in improving society.

FSSF decisionmaking will take place with the opportunity for maximum input and leadership from the bountiful diversity of those who reside in San Francisco.

All activities taken on behalf of the FSSF shall be peaceful, nonviolent means to improving society.

FSSF will join as appropriate with other free states in forming a federation of free states.

Ballot Measures and Integrationist Secessionism

We are holding a series of planning meetings soon in preparation for placing an integrationist secessionist measure on the ballot in San Francisco.

Q: What is integrationist secessionism?
A: We're going to continue to organize within the current political, social, and economic systems while organizing the new political, social, and economic systems so as to ensure a transition with the minimum disruption to essential services and the lives of those who reside in San Francisco and elsewhere.

Get Involved

Got intellectual skills? Please help us draft position papers on a variety of political, social, and economic issues for discussion and adoption by FSSF.

Got organizing skills? Please help us to set up organizing meetings in each of San Francisco's neighborhoods.

Got artistic skills? Please help us come up with a flag, seal, and other artwork for the Free State of San Francisco.

Got public relations skills? Please help us get the word out about FSSF.

To find out more and to help out, subscribe to the freestateofsf email list by sending an email to:

then reply to the confirmation email you receive to complete the subscription process.

You can also join a Free State of San Francisco Facebook Group